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Wedding: Peach & Green

Beautiful Bouquet: Photography by Max Wanger Photography, Floral Design by Su-V Expressions, Event Coordination by Hawaii Wedding & Events.

Incredible Cake: Photography by The Youngrens, Designer Nouveau Events, Cake by The Longham Huntington Hotel & Spa, Pasadena.

Bride Enjoying Her Beautiful Day: Photography by Ampersand Studios.

Shoes: Photography by He & She Photography,  BHLDN.

Earrings by Irene Neuwirth.

Norwegian Wedding


Some weeks ago, I made a post about my dream wedding location, at Baroniet Rosendal in Norway. This week, I wanted to show you the traditional folk costume of Norway. It’s called the Bunad. It’s actually endemic, which means that every different area in Norway has their own. My family is from Rosendal, Hardanger, but I found a few different pictures here, to show you what a Bunad usually is. The silver heart brooch is very typical for weddings.

A bunad is such an amazing handcraft, and they are usually very expensive. However, I feel like it will be right for me, once I get married, to add some of it to my wedding dress, wether it’s just a brooch or a part of the bunad, to show my norwegian side the respect and love that I think is needed. I’ve lived in Denmark all of my life, but I still feel very strongly connected to my family in Norway.

For more information and pictures of Bunads, visit BunadRosen

My Dream Wedding Location!

In Norway, there is a little town called Rosendal, surrounded by the ocean on one side, and the beautiful mountains on the other. In Rosendal (which directly translated is “Rose Valley”) you will find many beautiful things and places. Fjord Hotellet, which is the beautiful hotel my grandmother and grandfather built, right next to the beach. Different mountains, where you’ll be able to pick blueberries on your way up, and enjoy the beautiful view of the whole city and ocean, on your way down. The sunsets, the harbor, the Stein Park (Stone Park)… The list is long! But the most amazing place in Rosendal, and one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been, is Baroniet or The Barony.

The Barony is a little white manor, hid  away inside the most wonderful garden. This is the closest anyone will ever come to a fairytale! The beautiful rose garden, which is always beautifully kept, and smells amazing. The Greenhouse Café, where you can enjoy amazing, organic food, while looking out over the vegetable garden, which is recreated exactly as it was back in 1665. The wine cellar, where you can see beautiful paintings, and the manor itself, where you can get a guided tour in the authentic kept, beautiful rooms.

The best thing about all of this is, that you can actually have your wedding at The Barony. And if you’re traveling far, you and all your guests can spend the night in their very own B&B, the Avls Gården or Fruehuset.

The Barony is one of those places you have to see. You can’t express its beauty, smell the roses, or experience the fairytaleish garden, through pictures.

For more information, click here.

This is my dream wedding destination! What’s yours?



Wooden Sign: Photography by Danielle Capito. Venue: Bishop Peak, San Luis Obispo, California.

Ring: Photography by Aaron Delesie.

Centerpiece: Photography by Moss+Isaac. Concept by Gabriella New York. Floral Design by Rountree Flowers.

Pretty Pastels

I love to mix pastels! As you can see here, there is a lot of baby-girl pink, but also an adorable sky blue and white cake. To choose two or three different pastel colors, and add some silver or even gold “bling”, can really turn out to look amazing! Especially for spring!

The Huuunk of a Diamond Ring: Photography by Christine Chang Photography. Ring by Leon Mege.

Aisle Style Flowers in a Silver Vase: Photography by OneLove Photography. Flowers by BB Blossom.

Cake: Photography by Moss+Isaac. Concept by Gabriella New York. Cake by Lael Cakes.

Amazing, Sparkling Sandals: Photography by Kelly Dillon. Shoes are custom by Guiseppe Zanotti Design.

Soft Balletslipper Pink & Gray


Shoes: Photography by Carmen and Ingo Photography, shoes by Miss Selfridge.

His/Hers Cocktail Sign: Photography by Jen Huang,

EGGstra Special Easter Inspiration!


I don’t have any photographer credits, and I feel so bad about it! If you took any of these amazing pictures, please get in touch so you can get your name on here.

Wedding: Shades of Plum


Oh, how I love you, Purple! You’re so romantic, so strong, so feminine – though still manly. How can you be so many things all at once?

I also really love how fresh it looks with a little bit of green! Either in the flowers, or like the pears on the table.

Cake: Photography by Sutherland Kovach

Shoes: Photography by Our Labor of Love, Shoes by Vince Camuto.

Tablesetting: Photography by Greg Slick, Wedding Planning by Kathy Higgins.

Cupcakes: Photography by Ampersand Studios, Cakes by Greg Marsh Designer Cakes.

Rings: Photography by Caroline Tran Photographer.